Dylan 135 snatch

Team WOD in teams of 2

AMRAP 15 mins
9 dead lift
6 hang power cleans
3 push jerk

Alternate rounds with your partner

Games WOD #2
AMRAP 10 mins
30 reps Snatch 75lbs/45lbs
30 reps Snatch 135lbs/75lbs
30 reps Snatch 165lbs/100lbs
as many reps as possible Snatch 210lbs/120lbs

Dylan 74 reps
Alison 62 reps
Tara 60 reps
Pierre 47 reps
Jonathan 39 reps

for those interested, go to the CrossFit Games site and click the CANADA EAST region leader board.  Sort for WOD1 and find out what place you would be.  Then sort for WOD 2 and find out what place you would be. Then Sort for over all score, add your 2 placings together and that is your score that determines your overall ranking.

Big congratulations to Dylan coming in strong and achieving a rank of 16th overall!